Day Team Camps

Team Camp Application Form

This camp offers many of the benefits of a Residential Team Camp at a lower price. The Day Team Camp provides 3 hours each day of custom-designed training at selected facilities (please call for more details). This week-long camps run from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The same outstanding staff who work at our Residential Camps also coach our Day Team Camps. 

  • Day Team Camps are designed to bring several teams together of similar ability. This affords each team the opportunity to train for 2 hours and then conclude the camp with a 1 hour scrimmage. The scrimmage or match is what soccer players like most about the game and is a vital part of the camp. For the coach, the match provides an opportunity to see if the training lessons are being applied into match conditions, the ultimate measure of how well the lesson was learned. Since the match result is of no importance, players are encouraged to experiment and take risks.
  • A customized training program is designed through consultations between you and the Soccer Academy trainer who is assigned exclusively to your team. Teams of similar abilities will be grouped together to ensure the most appropriate level of instruction and competitive match play. Twelve players are considered a full team for rising U11s and older; ten for rising U10 teams.
  • Goalkeepers are trained separately for the first half and then rejoin their teams for tactical application and match play.



Special Team Camps

Soccer Academy created Special Team Camps for those teams that want to have the training sessions conducted at their own site and at a time of their preference. It is intended for the convenience of the players and coach. In all other respects, it is identical to a Day Team Camp, except only the teams invited will attend. Interested teams may want to invite a second team to its Special Team Camp. Not only does it bring variety to the sessions, it enables the teams to scrimmage each other and further refine the lessons being learned. Each team has its own trainer.



  • This program enables the players to work on those skills, tactics and strategies that need further refining, as determined in consultation with the team coach. The training elements for your team may be designed to include:
    • Technical training and ball possession
    • Team tactics and team building
    • Attack and defense
    • Set plays: free kicks, throw-ins, penalty kicks, corner kicks
  • At the conclusion of the camp, the team coach may wish to meet with the trainer to identify important development opportunities and some ideas for fall training sessions, as well as feedback about the team and individual players.
  • The Special Team Camp is an ideal preseason camp. Some teams supplement the camp with off-field activities to promote team bonding.