1. How are the players generally grouped? Day camp groups are determined by age, then ability. If it is a large group, then also by gender. For Residential campers, they are grouped by age, gender, and ability.

2. What is the coach to child ratio? 1:12

3. What types of clothes/shoes are suggested for my camper? Soccer attire, soccer cleats, flat soled shoes and a rain jacket.

4. Should my Neighborhood Day camper pack a lunch or snack? Yes. Full day campers will break for lunch and half-day campers will break for a small snack. Don't forget your water.

5. Which residential facilities have air conditioning? Randolph Macon Academy, St Margarets U.C Riverside, and limited at McDaniel College and University of Mary Washington.

6. Can residential campers do their laundry? What is the cost? Yes. $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry.

7. Can I receive a refund if my camper leaves due to being "homesick", etc? Please see the cancellation policy below.

8. Can my child keep his/her medications with them? No, all medications must be turned in to the medical staff on arrival. The camper will report to the medical trainer to receive their prescribed doses. This is for everyone's safety.

9. If I am a day camper at the residential camps, am I required to go to Sunday registration? No.

10. If I am a latecomer to the residential camp, where do I go to check in? Dorm supervisors will be waiting for you. Please follow signs to the check in area.

11. Why do camps held in Maryland need a doctor's signature on the medical forms? This is a state requirement at the Maryland State Health Department.

12. How are the groups determined at the Adult camp? We allow you to choose the group you feel most comfortable with after the first evening of small-sided games.

13. Do you need to be an experienced player to attend the Adult camp? No, this camp is open to all skill levels.

14. What is the age range of the Adult camp players? 21 and up

15. What is the payment and cancellation policy? Full payment is due at registration for the Days Camps. A deposit of $150 is due at registration for Residential Camps; the remainder is due 45 days before the start of camp. Cancellation before 45 days of the start of camp will receive a full refund. Cancellation after 45 days of the start of camp will be charged a $150 cancellation fee for Residential Camps and $25 for Day Camps. Once camp has begun, no refunds are available for any reason. Soccer Academy will use its best efforts to meet the commitments described. It cannot, however, guarantee the delivery of camp services in the event of inclement weather or other acts of god.

If you have already registered for camp, many of your questions can be answered in your camp confirmation letter that you received via email.

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