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You only need to pay a deposit of $150 per camp, per person to lock in this discount - remaining balance is due 7 days prior to camp starting. 

Residential Camp Schedule 2022

Small Sided Game Camp - U9-U12

Champions Camp

Randolph Macon Academy.  July 27-30.                      $360 (Extended Day)  $535 (Resident)

Team Camp

Randolph Macon Academy. July 27-30.                       $320 (Extended Day)  $515 (Resident)

11 v 11 Camp - U13 and up

Elite Camp 

Randolph Macon Academy.    July 31 - August 4          $450 (Extended Day) $675 (Resident)

Team Camp

Randolph Macon Academy   July 31 - August 4            $435 (Extended Day). $650 (Resident)

For all camps we will start with an evening session on first day of camp and end by noon on the last day of camp. Check in will be between 2.00-3.30pm on the first day. We will have a meeting at 4.00pm on the first day for players and parents. 

Champions Camps are for serious soccer players who wish to improve their individual skills and knowledge of the game while experiencing the total camp adventure. Soccer Academy has conducted Champion Camps for over twenty years and has tailored its programs to meet the needs of the individual player and team. 

Whether attending a Champions Camp as an individual, with a group of friends or as a member of a team, each player is challenged in an age-appropriate program. The camp is organized into three Schools of Soccer Excellence - Intermediate, Advanced and The Academy:

Intermediate Schools: Stress technical training with "fast footwork", ball control skills, heading and shooting. Players progress to the basics of team play and tactics with emphasis on creativity and playing under pressure.

Advanced Schools: Refine the players’ technical training, specifically 1 v 1 skills and ball possession, while teaching combination play, small group tactics and the principles of team play. Players also learn about fitness training, nutrition and game preparation.

The Academy: For high school players who require a greater challenge. While continuing to improve technical skills and tactical knowledge, The Academy also teaches the responsibilities of the player’s functional position and more advanced concepts of team play.

Within these Schools of Excellence, players are further organized by gender and playing ability to form training groups. These groups will play matches in the evening against other teams of similar ability.

Goalkeepers: Are invited to the Champions Camps to attend our Goalkeeper Programs. These half-day and full-day programs are described in the Goalkeeper Academy section.


Daily Schedule

This is a good guide but may vary at the discretion of the Camp Director.

7:00AM                   Wake Up

7:15-7:45AM           Breakfast

8:30-11:30AM         Morning Training - This is usuall technical and individual work

12:00-12:30PM       Lunch

1:30-3:30PM           Afternoon Training - This session builds on the morning session into small
                                                                              sided and technical work

4:00-4:30PM           Swim

5:15-5:45PM           Dinner

6:30-8:30PM           Evening Scrimmage (Age appropriate)

8:30PM                   Evening Activity/Free Time

10:00-10:30PM       Lights Out (Depending on age)


 Extended Day - this option suits people who live locally to the camp. It includes everything a Resident Camper gets apart from overnight stay and breakfast. The players arrive after breakfast (around 8.15am) and leave at around 8.30pm each day. The first day they come at registration with everyone else and the last day they leave at noon with everyone else.

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