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Registration Now Available for 2019

2019 Day Camp Dates

Camp Location Dates Ages Cost
Day Camp Braddock Park June 17-21 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park June 24-28 5-13 $205-$265
Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence Park June 24-28 9-13 $215-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park July 8-12 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp Patriot Park July 15-19 5-13 $205
Junior Premier Patriot Park July 15-19 9-13 $215
Day Camp SYA Sports Park July 22-26 5-13 $205-$265
Footskills and Fast Footwork SYA Sports Park July 22-26 9-13 $215-$265
Day Camp Colin Powell E.S. July 29-Aug 2 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp Braddock Park August 5-9 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 5-13 $205-$265
Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 9-13 $215-$265
Shooting and Finishing E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 9-13 $215-$265


All camps have the option of 9.00am-noon or 9.00am to 3.30pm apart from Patriot Park which is 9.00am-noon only. Must be 7 years old to register for Full Day. 

Receive a 50% discount per camp if you sign up before end of March. This is a per camp, per person discount. Discount is taken at checkout. 

For specialist camps (Goalkeeping, Junior Premier and Footskills and Fast Footwork) the players who elect to stay full day will be placed with the rest of the camp in the afternoon in age appropriate groups.

Goalkeeping is a unique position in the game of soccer and requires specialized training to develop the goalkeeping set of skills. To be effective in the position, goalkeepers need self confidence and toughness to be the team’s last line of defense and first point of attack, and need to be well trained technically and tactically to integrate into the team’s defense. The goalkeeper is the leader and communicator. The design of Soccer Academy’s goalkeeper training will develop goalkeepers to be better decision makers. The program is designed to be progressive based upon the age, ability and experience of the individual goalkeeper.



Fundamentals of Goalkeeping:

  • Stance, footwork, ball handling
  • Angles and positioning
  • Shot stopping: catching, diving, and deflecting
  • Ball distribution: throwing and punting
  • 1 v 1 breakaways
  • Crossed balls

Physical Training:

  • Warm-up and cool-down
  • Conditioning and nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Strength, agility, and quickness

Functional Training:

  • Communication
  • Systems of marking
  • Organizing the defense
  • Controlling the box
  • Principles of defense


Team Play:

  • Match play situations
  • Leadership and confidence
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Poise and maturity
  • Keeping focus


  • Self-evaluation and setting goals
  • Video analysis
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Developing a training plan




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