Junior Premier Camp

A Day Camp for serious younger travel players

Registration Now Available for 2019

2019 Day Camp Dates

Camp Location Dates Ages Cost
Day Camp Braddock Park June 17-21 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park June 24-28 5-13 $205-$265
Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence Park June 24-28 9-13 $215-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park July 8-12 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp Patriot Park July 15-19 5-13 $205
Junior Premier Patriot Park July 15-19 9-13 $215
Day Camp SYA Sports Park July 22-26 5-13 $205-$265
Footskills and Fast Footwork SYA Sports Park July 22-26 9-13 $215-$265
Day Camp Colin Powell E.S. July 29-Aug 2 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp Braddock Park August 5-9 5-13 $205-$265
Day Camp E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 5-13 $205-$265
Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 9-13 $215-$265
Shooting and Finishing E.C. Lawrence Park August 12-16 9-13 $215-$265


All camps have the option of 9.00am-noon or 9.00am to 3.30pm apart from Patriot Park which is 9.00am-noon only. Must be 7 years old to register for Full Day. . 

Receive a 50% discount per camp if you sign up before end of March. This is a per camp, per person discount. Discount is taken at checkout. 

The Junior Premier Camp is designed for the serious younger travel player. The camp runs from 9:00-noon daily (option to stay with rest of camp in afternoon exists). A player must currently be rostered on a travel team to attend.

Junior Premier players are in the transition stages in soccer. The player’s cognitive ability and physical maturity have reached the point where they are capable of executing most of the skills essential to playing the game of soccer. Technical skill with the ball is the foundation of the strong player and this is the age that a serious player must develop and hone these skills. It is important that players are correctly instructed on proper technique and that poor habits are eliminated, before poor habits become to ingrained. The goal is to execute proper technique under pressure and with speed.

It is also the time to speed up decision-making and reaction time within the game. Junior Premier players are taught small group tactics and the essentials of team play. They will learn the principles of attack and defense in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 situations. Soccer is a team sport, but a player must be confident in their individual abilities and knowledge of the game to be a successful team player.

We stipulate that all players attending the Junior Premier camp are currently rostered on a travel team. While this is a fairly broad standard, it is important that each candidate take the time to consider if this camp is best suited to his or her needs. This is a demanding program and requires a committed player, who is able to work for quality at a high work rate. The Neighborhood Day Camp program also provides excellent training and is an attractive alternative for players who want a less demanding environment.

Individual Technical Skills:

  • Fast Footwork, Passing, Shooting, Heading & Receiving under Pressure
  • Combination Plays, Creativity with the Ball
  • Tactical and Team Play:

Principles of Attack:

  • 1v1 Attack, Support, Off-Ball Movement

Principles of Defense:

  • Pressure, Cover, Balance

Reading the Field:

  • Vision and Anticipation

Positional Play:

  • Individual Tactical Responsibilities

In addition, players are taught the psychological elements of the game including match preparation, practice habits and specific game situations, such as dealing with a physical opponent or playing when behind. This camp also teaches conditioning, nutrition, avoiding injuries and other physiological factors to improve performance.



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