For boys and girls ages 5 to 14 of all abilities. Our day programs are designed to meet the needs of all types of players.

Summer 2017 Dates

Date Camp Name Location Cost Age
June 26-30 Academy Day Camp E.C. Lawrence $190-$245 5-13
June 26-30 Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
June 26-30 Junior Premier E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
July 10-14 Academy Day Camp E.C. Lawrence $190-$245 5-13
July 10-14 Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
July 10-14 Footskills and Fast Footwork E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
July 31 - August 4 Academy Day Camp Arrowhead Park $190-$245 5-13
July 31 - August 4 Shooting and Finishing Arrowhead Park $195-$245 9-13
July 31 - August 4 Goalkeeping Arrowhead Park $195-$245 9-13
August 7-14 Academy Day Camp E.C. Lawrence $190-$245


August 7-14 Footskills and Fast Footwork E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
August 7-14 Goalkeeping E.C. Lawrence $195-$245 9-13
August 14-18 Academy Day Camp Poplar Tree $190 5-13
August 14-18 Goalkeeping Poplar Tree  $195 9-13
August 14-18 Junior Premier Poplar Tree $195 9-13
August 14-18 Shooting and Finishing Poplar Tree $195 9-13



Program descriptions and links are below

For specialist camps (Goalkeeping, Junior Premier and Footskills and Fast Footwork) the players who elect to stay full day will be placed with the rest of the camp in the afternoon in age appropriate groups.




Academy Day Camps for ages 5-13

A challenging and enjoyable soccer program that helps the player develop skills, improve performance and nurture a love for the game. 

Junior Premier Camps for ages 9-13

Similar to our Premier Camps, but for younger players. A player must be on a travel team to attend. Goalkeeper Training is offered at many of our Junior Premier Camps. 

Day Team Camps 

Exclusively for teams, our Day Team Camps offer excellent training opportunities for teams who do not wish to commit to a Residential Team Camp. If our dates and locations do not suit your schedule, we can arrange for a trainer who will work exclusively with your team at a convenient time and location.

Goalkeeper Academies

Outstanding Goalkeeper day programs are conducted at the Premier and Junior Premier Camps

Footskills and Fast Footwork

This is a series of sessions to help players become more comfortable with the ball. Sessions will cover ball mastery, moves to beat opponents, high cuts and turns, fakes, and flicks. Developing into 1v1 and 2v2 attacking scenarios as well as small-sided games. 




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Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps